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The next evolution of the Internet is emerging.

And you’re invited to play | develop | create | collect.

A Hub For Players. Collectors, Creators and Developers

Our goal is to provide the tools, services and community to help create an open immersive internet

Tools for Developers

The Emergence SDK helps game developers to easily incorporate on-chain features in their Unity and Unreal-based games and worlds.

A Marketplace

The Emergence Marketplace will focus on interoperable assets. These are digital collectibles that have immediate utility and provide entry to the next generation of game-like experiences.

A Creator Portal

Our Creator Portal will make it easy (and beautiful) to manage your digital storefront and to engage with players and developers.

Earn Rewards

Get involved & earn rewards

Earn Emergence Coins (EMC) today - and get ready for the benefits it provides through our Marketplace and Open Meta.

Get an early jump on allowlists, air drops and other rewards*.

Like everything in life, some conditions apply. Join our Discord to learn more.

Our Key Partners



The Emergence SDK is the preferred technology for building experiences on the Root Network.



Lamina1, co-founded by the “father of the Metaverse”, Neal Stephenson, uses Emergence to make it easy to build Metaverse experiences on the L1 chain.

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Whether you’re a game developer or a creator, a merchant or a player, Emergence is your hub for games and experiences.