Build game experiences on any EVM-compatible chain through the Emergence SDK. Leverage the power of web3 through features such as interoperable avatars, easy-to-use smart contracts and on-chain inventory services.

And get started in as little as 10 minutes.


We make it easy for game developers to build innovative #web3 experiences. Your experience USING Emergence might be simple, but the list of features is still extensive.

Here are a few highlights, but we encourage you to go deeper and read the Emergence documents.

EVM Library

  • Allow your users to connect any EVM compatible wallet to your game using WalletConnect. Users gain the advantage of seamless and secure options to use their assets in your game world, while giving developers the advantage of leveraging Web3 without the hassle of building your own WalletConnect solution.
  • Emergence also offers additional connectivity features to developers, so you can easily read and write to smart contracts, through server and local wallet based services.
  • Simple-to-use tutorials, code samples and blueprints. We put the hard thinking into creating a seamless user experience so you don't have to

Player Personas

  • Use the player’s wallet as an authentication method, so your players can create and load in their web3 personas of choice. Personas include user set information such as their name, bio and avatar of choice. Allowing your game and your players to bring their favorite 3D avatars into your game world.
  • Tap into the power of #web3 communities by letting players use identities in which they have often invested hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.
  • As a collection creator or 3D avatar builder, you can use our Emergence Avatar System (EAS) to seamlessly register your 3D avatars as interoperable game assets.

Player Avatars

  • Players have often made a substantial investment in avatars from web3 projects. But letting them use these assets in game worlds is often cumbersome. We provide the tools so users and developers can take advantage of web3 avatars to make them interoperable for any game world.
  • We have built Smart Contract Technology, Pipelines with Decentralized Storage & Game Engine tools to allow for fully interoperable NFT avatars.
  • Explore the Emergence tutorials and sample projects to see how simple this can be.

Inventory Service

  • Players often have their own web3 assets that are just waiting to be used in a game (ex: avatars, pets, weapons, music, etc) but the tools to do this haven’t existed yet… until now!
  • Game developers want to allow users to 'own' assets from their game, but need an out-of-the-box solution that works with any EVM chain.
  • Emergence provides the tools and samples through our Inventory Services. We also provide a set of UI samples that can be easily re-skinned for your game. Our goal is to make web3 player inventory management simple to implement and leverage for game developers.




Documents, tutorials, examples


How-to videos showing Emergence in action


Unreal & Unity (coming February, 2023)

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